Dietary restrictions for pregnant women: it takes vigilance!

Living with dietary restrictions can be hard, it can be particularly tough for pregnant women. While some medication list allergens on the labels, others don’t. The pharmaceutical industry is not currently subject to labelling requirements for gluten, dairy products or other allergens in drugs.

How do you safeguard your health and that of your unborn child?
The coating and filling of drugs and multivitamins may contain gluten or lactose, thus it is important for pregnant women with allergies or dietary restrictions to read the list of inactive ingredients in their medication, in addition to adopting a strict gluten-free diet. Gluten intolerant women should also ask their healthcare professional about hypoallergenic drugs and vitamins without oats or yeast.

Treatment options suited to your dietary restrictions
Are you pregnant and suffering from celiac disease, are you intolerant to gluten or lactose or do you want drugs certified kosher or halal? Did you know that there are prenatal multivitamins and anti-nausea treatments on the market that meet these dietary and religious restrictions? Ask your healthcare professional, who will offer treatment options suited to your dietary restrictions.