How Is Alcohol Affecting You?

Every human is different. Thus the effect that alcohol has is different for everybody. While some show the effects of the alcohol quite early, others might take a long period of time. It is better to consume alcohol responsibly. If you decide to start consuming alcohol the experts of the alcohol detox Centre Windsor suggest that you should know the whole reality of it.

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Consuming A Large Amount Of Alcohol

Consuming a large amount of alcohol can lead to many negative effects both on the body and the mind. When you consume alcohol you must have motioned that you generally loathe control of your body parts. You cannot walk straight or even talk normally to another person. Though these kinds of symptoms vanish after some time, the long-term effects can continue even after you stop drinking completely. Consuming relatively large amount of alcohol can make you dependent.

Short-Term Effect

The liver of human beings can metabolize almost one peg of alcohol over an hour. If you drink two pegs of alcohol in an hour, it might lead to intoxication. The experts of the alcohol detox Centre Windsor said that the judgment and the reaction time of the person can become slightly impaired at this point in time. However, if the person consumes 2-4 drinks in an hour, then they exhibit symptoms like clumsiness, exaggerated behavior, heavy decrease in fine motor skills, and slurring.

Long-Term Effects

The most significant effect of alcohol is that it can harm the brain severely.  Prolonged use of alcohol can even change the structure of the brain. The experts of alcohol detox Centre Windsor elaborate that the cerebellum, cerebral cortex and the limbic system can be significantly affected by the excessive use of alcohol. Many of the addicts have the chance of developing a neurological disorder called Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome.

Problems Related To Binge Drinking

If in two hours a man consumes five or more drinks or a woman consumes four or more drinks then it should be considered as binge drinking. The experts of alcohol detox Centre Windsor explain that an individual would not be addicted if he or she participates in binge drinking. However, this type of drinking can be very dangerous as it increases the blood alcohol content quickly. A person can suffer from alcohol poisoning if he/she continues to consume alcohol at this rate.

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Though drinking alcohol while you are pregnant is prohibited, but it is all too common. When a pregnant lady consumes alcohol, it goes to the embryo through the placenta. This alcohol can harm the developmental procedure of the embryo. The mothers that consumed alcohol during pregnancy give birth to a child who has fetal alcohol syndrome. The facial feature of such baby is distinct. In most of the cases, the cognitive a well as the physical development of the child is hampered.

If you decide to ditch alcohol for a healthy and happy life, help is available. The experts of the Neworld detox Centre Windsor explain that there are treatment options that provide both therapy and medical support for the recovering addicts. You just need to make your mind up, and the help will be there.