Mireille Moreau

RD, CDE, M.Sc. Human Nutrition, M.Sc. Biochemistry

Content Contributor

Our contributor Mireille Moreau brings her invaluable experience as a clinician to the pages of the Health & Pregnancy site. She is a dietitian at a community health centre.

As a dietician, Mireille meets women of childbearing age with varying health assessments. Her job is to help them build the nutritional reserves they need for their own health and for the healthy development of the children they are carrying. When needed, she also helps monitor nutrition throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

After assessing the nutritional needs of mothers-to-be, Mireille Moreau can develop a plan that will enable them to reach their goals. By sharing her expertise, she helps her patients to understand nutritional concepts, to separate myth from reality, and to set realistic nutritional goals and attain them.

She has two master's degrees, one in human nutrition another in biochemistry. She is a member of the College of Dietitians of Ontario and is a certified diabetes educator.