Health and wellness

Consulting a health care professional
Do not hesitate to consult a qualified health care professional if your health concerns you or prevents you from maintaining your quality of life.

Prescription and OTC drug safety and efficacy
Paying attention to drug safety on top of their efficacy is essential. An interaction between medications and products you take can occur and change their individual intended effects.

What is the anal canal?
Get to know the different parts of your anal canal.

The Signs and Symptoms of Hemorrhoids
Do you think you might have hemorrhoids? The signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids include …

Hemorrhoids: Risk factors
Are you at risk of developing hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids Due to Pregnancy and Childbirth

Are you at risk of developing hemorrhoids due to pregnancy and childbirth?

Constipation in Pregnancy
Pregnant? Constipation is a common problem due to …