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Cryptitis is an anorectal condition that is not specifically related to pregnancy

What is cryptitis?

cryptitisCryptitis is defined as inflammation of the anal crypts. Inflammation in this area is very

What are the symptoms of cryptitis?

Cryptitis is characterized by redness, swelling and thickening of the tissue.


What causes cryptitis?

Hard, dry stool or irritation from diarrhea can lead to cryptitis.

It can also be caused by infection or inflammation in the surrounding areas.

Fistulas: an uncommon condition

Fistulas and abscesses can develop if a prolonged infection is left untreated. Some conditions such as Crohn's disease can cause fistulas to develop. These tiny channels or tunnels usually run from the rectum to an opening in the skin around the anal area, where they can appear as small holes. Anal fistulas usually leak pus or stool and result in painful bowel movements and itching in the anus.

If you are experiencing anorectal pain or discomfort or blood in your stool, you should see a health care professional right away, to avoid other complications.