Tips To Help You Manage Your Morning Sickness

When you start experiencing symptoms of morning sickness or NVP (nausea or vomiting of pregnancy), with or without vomiting or as soon as you are no longer able to manage your morning sickness, talk to your healthcare professional and explain how you are feeling. He will assess your condition and recommend suitable tips to help you manage your morning sickness and/or medical treatment. Do not let your symptoms get worse and become harder to control.

Here is a few tips to help you manage your morning sickness or NVP symptoms:

  • Eat frequent small meals every 2 to 3 hours
  • Avoid strong odors
  • Stand up slowly and do not lie down immediately after eating
  • Eat crackers 15 minutes before getting out of bed in the morning
  • Do not skip meals needlessly
  • Drink fluids ½ hour before a meal or ½ hour after a meal. Avoid drinking during your meal
  • Drink about 8 glasses of liquid during the day to avoid dehydration
  • Do not hesitate to eat what you want when you want it, even if you are craving food that is not part of your regular diet
  • Try eating cold food instead of hot food (cold food has less odour)
  • If odors bother you while cooking, try to improve ventilation in the kitchen area
  • If possible, get assistance in the preparation of your meals
  • NVP may worsen when you get stressed or overtired. Try to increase resting periods and take more naps during the day
  • If your symptoms persist or worsen, consult your healthcare professional

If your NVP symptoms affect your diet

When your nausea is too bothersome or you are vomiting frequently, it may be difficult for you to eat properly and maintain a balanced diet. Your health and your baby's health could be affected. Therefore you should speak to your healthcare provider for proper follow-up and treatment.


If your healthcare provider prescribed a medication to relieve your NVP symptoms

Follow his or her instructions and the prescribed dosing. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact your healthcare professional.


If you have difficulty taking your prenatal multivitamin

If you have difficulty swallowing your prenatal multivitamin because of your morning sickness or NVP symptoms, you should speak with your healthcare professional about your situation. He will suggest alternative options that will help you continue your vitamin-mineral supplementation.


If you have symptoms such as headache and dizziness

These symptoms may not be associated with NVP. It is important that you report them to your healthcare professional.