Planning your Pregnancy

Planning your pregnancy

For Future Moms
An expectant mother’s inner dialogue with her unborn child.

Dietary restrictions for pregnant women: it takes vigilance!
How do you safeguard your health and that of your unborn child when you have dietary restrictions (gluten, lactose, kosher or halal)?

Five questions to answer when choosing your prenatal multivitamin
If you are planning a pregnancy or are already pregnant, complete this questionnaire. It will help you identify your nutritional needs and choose a prenatal supplement that suits your state of health and lifestyle.

Diet During Pregnancy
A well-balanced diet during pregnancy is crucial, choosing foods on the principles of balance, variety and moderation leads to a healthy pregnancy and baby!

Diet Throughout Breastfeeding
Have you fallen into the trap of letting your health and diet throughout breastfeeding take a backseat to everything else going on?

Role of Vitamins and Minerals during Pregnancy
Vitamins and minerals are essential for your health and that of your baby. You must eat a properly balanced, healthy diet and ask your health professional for advice on the prenatal supplement best suited to them.

Choosing Your Prenatal Multivitamin
Choosing your prenatal multivitamin is not to be taken lightly: its composition can have an impact on your health and the health of your baby.